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"As a business owner, I take my job very seriously to offer only the best to my clients. Starting off with a different makeup line, I struggled with the question “but is it clean?” With so many products out there, it is not always easy to know what is good, clean, and safe. When MisMack launched, we were so excited to jump on board with a Canadian Made, Professional Makeup Line. It was exactly what we were looking for! Safe, clean, ethically sourced, dual, and sometimes triple function in one product! Now clients can create stunning looks with fewer products, saving money, packaging, unnecessary waste, while supporting local.
We have seen so many clients changing from a different brand to try out MisMack and they love it. For many, it has transformed their skin. 
The response from the clients has been overwhelmingly positive and with new products in production, we cannot wait to see what comes next."
-Linda Venter
Chadalin Medi Spa 


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