Our PRO Concealer is your weapon of choice for mixing our MisMacK signature Undereye Brightener Cocktail. It's the perfect snap plus the perfect softness so it's gentle yet effective around the delicate under eye area. 
Our PRO Contouring Brush +  our Award Winning ART Shadow in Shade is a match made in Heaven. Designed to enhance and bring out your beautiful, unique, natural features. 
AKA The Skunk Brush. This Brush is our BFF when it comes to using any of our high pigmented, Award Winning ART Shadows on your cheeks. Our Soft Blending Blush is 2 layers making the top of the bristle thinner which is designed to pick up less pigment...
Our Pointed Shadow Brush has that perfect density and softness to blend in softer pigmented Blushes aka our Awards Winning ART Shadow in Blossom. 
#1 Selling PRO Brush!!!  Designed to go with our Flawless Foundation. Our PRO Foundation Brush buffs our Flawless Foundation into your skin as opposed to sitting onto top. Giving your Flawless Application that's fast and easy.   
The BLUR's right hand when it comes to setting your skin. Our PRO Powder Brush is designed with the right amount of density and softness to push our BLUR into your skin to get the best application possible.