GAIA Gloss - The most amazing multi-functional lip gloss. You'll never need another gloss! Here are our top reasons why GAIA Gloss it the mother of all glosses:

*GAIA: the Greek Goddess, mother of all Earth

  • Doubles as your glitter primer
  • Heals dry chapped lips
  • Mix it with loose or pressed shadow to create your own custom cream highlighter (refer to our Makeup Tip Tuesday for the how-to)
  • Use it as a brow gel to tame those brows or set your product
  • Mix it with loose pigment to create your own custom lip gloss shade
  • Non-sticky
  • High shine
  • Smells AMAZING (okay that one might not be suuuuper important, but we had to mention it!)
  • Plus all the nourishing benefits of Jojoba and Argon oil

The possibilities are endless with GAIA Gloss so go on and Ignite your Creativity.

GAIA Gloss GAIA Gloss is a transparent, non-sticky, multi functional gloss that's a must have for any makeup kit.The unique formula with a high shine effect can be used alone or on top of any lip colour.Soft enough to be used on the eyes, GAIA is the...