We are SO excited to offer online, small group, makeup lesson live with Missy herself in the comfort of your own home. 

Cost $25 per session and with a chance to win a $50 MisMacK online Gift Certificate at the end.  

Once you've purchased your seat, you'll receive an email from Missy within 24 hours with a list of what you will need. The idea is for you learn with what you have. If you have MisMacK - AWESOME! But it's not necessary. 

And hour prior to the live session you will receive a Login to a private video Zoom meeting with Missy a max of 10 other people and she's going teach you how to do a look as you follow along and do on yourself,  step by step. 
Grab a glass of wine, your makeup bag, brushes, a mirror, and snuggle up to you computer and have a fun hour with Missy (who are we kidding it will probably be longer). The best part about this is that anyone, anywhere can join us. So invite your friends, family, co-works to join us. 
We can't wait!!!!
First Class is set for Monday March 23rd at 3pm BC time. Get your spot before it sells out. 
What to do a private group lesson with yourself and 9 of your girlfriends or family members? Let do it. Purchase a private group and Missy will a arrange a private time just for you. 
Grab your makeup bag, brushes, a mirror, and your computer. It's time to learn the basics of a makeup application and the techniques to create beautiful day look with Missy. This is an amazing class for all age's and all skill sets.  Don't forget...
The Classic Smokey Eye.........We know right, sounds scary and daunting. BUT Don't worry, Missy is going to guide you step by step and simplify this technique for you. All you need is a primer or concealer, a darker shadow (grey/black - Pitch Black, dark...
Join Missy as she teaches you how to glam up your Smoky Eye by adding GlitterEnvi.  She'll guide you step by step and simplify this technique for you. Grab your makeup bag and your Glitter.  Products suggested - GlitterEnvi and GAIA...
Have a group of girlfriends/family members and want to do a private lesson together with Missy? We can totally do that. And the best part is that anyone can join no matter where they live. Let's bring each other together, learn some new techniques with...
Private one on one lesson's are now available at an affordable price from the comfort of your own home. Missy is so excited to go through your personal makeup bag and help you with your daily make routine.  Lesson includes a $50 online G/C to...