How many times have you come home with a bag full of new products, looked at them once, felt overwhelmed because you have no idea how to use them so you hide them in your draw? I think we are all guilty of doing this.

Why? Because really, where can you go to actually learn how to apply your own makeup without being sold on a trend. Which is exactly why we have introduced Private one on one Makeup Lessons in the Shuswap/Okanagan/Vancouver Island. 

Book with your Favorite MisMacK Team Member

Heather Nightingale

Joey Roo

Katie Hobson

Our Team is so incredibly excited to help guide you step by step and teach you how to bring out your beautiful features using Our Clean, Colorful, Conscious line. We're Small but Mighty and the Master of Multi-Purpose Products Eliminating Wasteful Products in Your Makeup Bag. 

Book today and receive 20% off your MisMacK Purchase at the end of your session. 

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