Makeup Tip Tuesday - Bow, Bow, Bow!

On 2020 Jan 21st
Eyes, cheeks, and lips.. all with one product?! Heck yes!This week’s Makeup Tip Tuesday is how to use our Moisture Locking Lipstick as a cream eye shadow, cream blush, and of course a lipstick …

Makeup Tip Tuesday - All Things GAIA

Posted by Liana Boisvert On 2020 Jan 14th
Happy Makeup Tip Tuesday!!This week’s MTT is dedicated to the Mother of All Glosses - our GAIA Gloss.We love this gloss for all of the things it can do, it’s one of the most multi-functional products …

Makeup Tip Tuesday - AMP IT UP!!!

Posted by Liana Boisvert On 2020 Jan 7th
DROP. EVERYTHING.Because for this week's Makeup Tip Tuesday we're about to show you how to use our new AMP'D UP Mascara as an eyeliner!

Makeup Tip Tuesday - Too Much Blush???

On 2020 Jan 5th
Watch until the end with the sound on!! Haha!Happy Makeup Tip Tuesday and HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE!!This week’s MTT is how to NOT look like an elf on the shelf when applying your blush (AKA what to do if y …