Makeup Tip Tuesday - Finding your Foundation Match

Posted by Liana Boisvert On 2019 Aug 27th In Makeup Tip Tuesday, Flawless Foundation, Foundation

How do you choose the perfect foundation shade? You swatch, swatch, swatch!

Using a foundation brush, blend down Flawless Foundation in a thick stripe from your cheek to your jaw.
Since our face is typically a different shade than the rest of our body, we're actually going to match our foundation with our neck and decolletage. Really making sure there's a seamless transition.

For this #MakeupTipTuesday we used Flawless Foundation MM2, MM4, and MM6. MM4 was the perfect match!

Have you tried this revolutionary foundation yet? You can also stop in at one of our wonderful retailers to be professionally matched!

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Check out the video tutorial below.