How is GlitterEnvi different from traditional glitters?

Do you remember when plastic micro-beads where banned? Plastic glitters are being categorized as the same. Both are made from micro-plastic and they're making their way into our oceans and damaging ocean life. In fact, scientist are working to ban plastic glitters all together.
We decided to take matters into our own hands with GlitterEnvi, an environmentally friendly glitter that's biodegradable and non-plastic. The break up with glitter is over!

How does GlitterEnvi degrade?

GlitterEnvi is made with Cellulose (wood pulp) and Polyactide (corn starch). Both will break down as the micro-organisms in the Earth eat away at them. Once the process starts, it takes roughly 9 month to fully degrade. This is in full accordance with ASTM standards. 

What's the difference between Clean Cosmetics, Vegan, and Cruelty free?

Clean Cosmetics are made without harsh/toxic ingredients, are ethically sourced, and designed with the environment in mind. 
Vegan products are made without any animal byproduct. 
Cruelty free means manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals. 

Why are the glitters not Vegan?

GlitterEnvi collection is not vegan because the binder that holds them all together is made from Shellac. Shellac is a secretion left behind from a female lac bug. This secretion is then scraped off of trees and made into a resin. Although it is a natural bio-adhesive, it is not vegan. 
We are happy to say that the rest of the MisMacK line is Vegan.