What sets us apart?

Being Canada's newest and most innovative clean makeup line on the market, we are always working with new technology. Our proprietary ingredient is the first of it's kind to hit the market; it mimics the look and feel of silicone but is derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil. It's 100% natural, sustainable, and Eco-Certified. This amazing ingredient hydrates skin like no other, and provides professional performance without any of the icky stuff. We have captured this technology in our best selling GAIA Gloss, our NEW Flawless Foundations, Moisture Locking Lipsticks and anywhere else we can put it! It's been tested on performers and actors to make sure it lives up to the high expectations of professions with HD cameras, studio lighting, and lengthy performances.

Missy MacKintosh works very closely with our Chemist to make sure each and every formula meets her professional standards. Research and development samples are put into her very own Pro Kit for extensive testing. Each product has to pass her test before hitting the market.

 We are proud to say that all of our products are Peta Cruelty-Free Certified, and Peta Vegan (except GlitterEnvi* see notes) because no animal should ever have to suffer for our love of makeup. All of our products are manufactured in a Health Canada regulated facility, and every ingredient is ethically sourced, meaning no child has had to mine the mica found in our products. Every ingredient we use is a level 1 out of 10 on the toxicity scale on EWG'S Skin Deep Data Base - https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

We take great care to source sustainable packaging as much as we can. GlitterEnvi and GAIA Gloss are packed in glass jars with an eco-plastic lid, Flawless Foundation tubes have a biodegradable enzyme in them meeting the same requirements as Europe and Australia's standards and aluminum packaging. Doing our best to eliminate wasteful packaging.

*GlitterEnvi is not vegan due to the shellac binding. Shellac is a resin left behind on trees from the female Lac bug, and the resin gets scraped off of the tree. Although this is a natural bio-adhesive, it is not vegan.