“Clean Beauty” – We hear this all the time in the media, bloggers, Indie Beauty Brands (like ours MisMacK Clean Cosmetics), to now leading retailers, and mega beauty brands. But what does it truly mean? This is the number 1 question we receive daily.

The term “Clean” is leaving consumers/makeup artists scratching their head trying to figure out what is whole “clean” thing is. And we can’t blame them. Us too were baffled about this meaning when we first stepped into the Clean Beauty World in 2016. With Missy being a pro makeup artist for over 16 years, she had never heard of the word “Clean”. After going through the rabbit whole, creating her own Clean Makeup Line and Makeup Artistry Education we came up with an easy way to help you navigate your way through this trend.

“Clean” is not just cruelty free, vegan, and paraben free. To us it goes much deeper.

Here is our MisMacK Road Map to what we believe true Clean Beauty Means. We call it T.E.S.S.

T – Transparency (are they transparent to their consumers?)

E – Ethics (integrity? Respecting the full circle of a product?)

S – Sourcing (mica being mined by child? No thank you)

S – Safety (free of the cancer causing, hormone disruptive, toxic ingredients?)

S – Sustainability (are these ingredients harmful to the environment? Sustainable Packaging?)








Education Recommendations:

The Toxic Beauty Documentary


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Documentary Broken on Netflix, Episode 1


We hope this helps shed light on this changing industry. Clean Beauty is not just a trend, it is the future. We are so proud to be the Canadian Leader this Clean Beauty Revolution.