"Most amazing makeup ever! Best quality ever, feels amazing on the skin and it’s all natural, eco friendly & cruelty free so I feel so good knowing what I’m putting on my skin is good for me and the planet. Missy is truly the best, thank you for creating this line :)"

- Brynn Erin


"Hand down the BEST foundation I have ever tried! my skin is EXTREMELY oily in some areas and EXTREMELY dry in others and this combats both, i can't say enough great things about it!!!!! Never going to use anything else. Plus the one powder i feel like will last a life time without having to repurchase!!!"

- Susan Kenoras-Tousigant


"I am so in love with your glitter Missy!!! The coverage is incredible and I don't have to worry about glitter all over my makeup studio. The GAIA Gloss - clear is a godsend for keeping the glitter in one place with no smearing!! Looking forward to using all the colors I have on a few more of my Halloween looks! I have been bodypainting for 3 years now and have tried numerous glitters but this product is by far the best I have ever used. Another benefit is that when I wash it off it doesn't smear all over my face or scratch my skin. #winning #glitterfordays"

- Tina Schultz


"I am a pro makeup artist in Kelowna and used Gaia Gloss for the first time on a shoot. I instantly fell in love with the texture of the gloss and how it applied on the lips. I used to use Macs lipglass for a glass like look on the lips but always hated the sticky feeling and it’s thick consistency. Gaia is more like a moisturizer for your lips and sooo comfortable to wear. I highly recommend using that for your clients or personal use. You will not be disappointed:)"

- Hafsa Adeel


"The best clean, professional makeup. I love everything about this brand! Thank you for creating such an amazing, ethical, enviro -friendly, gorgeous, beauty line. I love every thoughtful detail you’ve put into creating MisMacK Clean Cosmetics"

- Maria Otting


"I love this brand, it's clean, it's Earth friendly, it's highly pigmented so you don't have to put on layers to get the color out of it and it was created by one bada$$ woman with an unbelievable passion for the industry and how to make it better!!! I'm in love, everyone should give it a try!!!!!"

- Miranda Toner


"Absolutely loving my foundation and blur powder. My face feels amazing and I was told today that my face looked like porcelain. Feels great. Love love love it"

- Kristin Dalin


"BEAUTIFUL colours, textures and products! As a professional makeup artist, her foundations have given me flawless finishes on my wedding parties and brides, the LOVE lipstick I used for me on my own wedding day and it lasted without drying out my lips, and the shadows are so pigmented and soft, they blend beautifully. If you are on the fence about trying MisMack, I HIGHLY recommend you dive in!"

- Kelsey Allmark


"I am so in LOVE with the Gaia Gloss - By far the best lip gloss I've used! It goes on so easy and makes my lips soft, moisturizing and looking good! I've also used it like an eyeshadow, it gives the perfect shine for an everyday look! Definitely recommend this product! Trust me you'll love it as much as I do!"

- Veronica Cadden


"I have been avoiding glitter for years due to the environmental impact, so first off thank you for creating the product!! Second, I used the glitter for two stages performances and the coverage and wearability was incredible! Third it stayed, but washed away with ease, not only from my face but my brushes, cloths containers etc. Way less glittery mess. Highly recommend!!"

- Alison Lambert