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BLUR HD Setting Powder


BLUR HD Setting Powder

Set your Flawless Foundation and BLUR out those fine lines!
Designed to be the perfect finishing touch.
A tiny bit goes a long way with this HD setting powder.
Say goodbye to loose powder disasters with our built in lock sifter. Just twist to close after each use!

How to use:
Shake a small amount into the back of the lid, swirl powder brush, and apply in downwards strokes to face.
*Note This powder will create a flash back when heavily applied. Do not use for "baking."


Ingredients: Silicone Dioxide 

BLUR HD Setting Powder Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Forever will use

Posted by Robyn Haase on 2024 Apr 14th

I am so inlove with the setting power it has made my makeup looks so amazing that when I am working I don’t have to worry about sweating it off and that it last me full day!

Blur powder

Posted by Karen on 2023 Oct 16th

I absolutely love this product. My skin feels so soft, wouldn’t know I have foundation on under it.

Blurring yes please

Posted by Jessica on 2022 Jul 2nd

I used this Blurring Setting powder and I love absolutely loved it!! It's absolutely does blur!!! It's a must have in your makeup bag.

Blur is a understatement!

Posted by Jennifer Cook on 2022 Jun 18th

This powder feels so amazing like nothing on your skin , my face had a beautiful velvet finish and looked like a real life filter all day ! I love my Mismack cosmetics!

Blur HD Setting Powder

Posted by Chris on 2021 Jun 19th

The silica in this powder is so light and beautiful. You don't need much. It gives a nice, light coverage. I can wear it all day and my skin does not go greasy or tired looking. Best used with the MisMack powder brush.

Blur setting powder

Posted by Erin T on 2021 Feb 18th

This stuff is the best! I apply it after my foundation and I never get those fine lines where your makeup settles. My makeup stays put all day. I use it everyday and I’ve now got well over a years use out of it and it’s still going!!

BLUR HD Setting powder

Posted by Dana Bouton on 2021 Feb 16th

This powder is light but provides a nice set to the foundation. Doesn't get in my eyes and so easy to apply. When I use the nourishing oil the powder stays on all day without making my skin too dry. Highly recommend!


Posted by Lynda on 2020 Feb 1st

I love this!!

Blur setting powder

Posted by Nadineduesterwald@gmail.com on 2020 Jan 17th

I am in love with this powder!! My skin looks and feels amazing!! Its everything I’ve been looking for in a powder and it really does blur those fine lines!!